Services - Final Season DoulaCurrent Services Offered:

  • Advanced care planning and updates
  • Legacy projects
  • Planning your time
  • Comfort Care measures:
    • “The Tapping Solution”
    • Guided meditations
    • Artistic expression
    • Music and singing
    • Bedside presence
    • Guided imagery
    • Warm or cool cloths
    • Hand holding and gentle non-professional massage
    • Specific scents – candles, flowers, essential oils
    • Specific tastes
  • Vigil planning and implementation with loved ones (and additional doulas as Julie makes those connections)
  • Life Review and Spiritual Work
  • Rituals – client, loved ones, visitors, for immediately after death occurs – water, flowers, music, songs, readings, prayers, stories, bathing and dressing*
  • Grief work with the loved ones several weeks after death, reprocess the dying experience and reframe if necessary, perhaps view a legacy that was left by the client
  • Household schedules, Respite care and Problem solving

Personal Message Regarding Services from Julie:

  • I am comfortable working with a client who chooses Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID) or Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking (VSED)
  • I can work with family members and loved ones of a person who dies suddenly – accident, suicide or any other unexpected death
  • I will be available to continue to support family members and friends of the deceased to offer space to grieve and remember through talk and personal ritual as well as carry out the wishes of the deceased including packing up their belongings
  • I can provide a holistic approach – physical comfort, emotional support and spiritual exploration
  • I am an excellent listener who can spend time with the client, and their loved ones, to help them process the new reality and plan for the end of life

I offer a variety of hourly services. No one will be turned away if unable to pay the typical rate, please contact me and we will discuss. Rates $75-$200/hour.

*My doula services cannot legally include after-death care of the deceased. Once the client has taken their last breath, my hands-on contact ceases. Those services must be provided by a licensed funeral director or home funeral guide. This will be explained in great detail when we have our consultation.